Ensuring Fun and Safety: Medical Services at Mallorca's Water Parks | Medcare

Ensuring Fun and Safety: Medical Services at Mallorca's Water Parks

Ensuring Fun and Safety: Medical Services at Mallorca’s Water Parks

Ensuring Fun and Safety: Medical Services at Mallorca’s Water Parks

In 2022, a groundbreaking collaboration was forged between our Medcare Medical Center and Aspro Ocio, a leading name in managing some of the largest water parks across Mallorca and Europe. This partnership marked the beginning of a new era in ensuring the health and safety of countless visitors, enhancing their experiences with unparalleled medical support.

At Medcare, we pride ourselves on providing quality wellness care, health, and safety services that exemplify a commitment to caring for the communities we serve.  With both water safety and care services, we look forward to Welcoming Aspro Ocio guests to a summer of fun and security in 2024.

What is Aspro Ocio?

Aspro Ocio is the largest chain of water parks in Mallorca and Europe, with five sites in the region. The chain offers its guests a fun day out in a variety of environments. Each Aspro Ocio park has its unique theme and a wide range of attractions, including wave pools, water slides, and adventure zones for the daring. In addition to having a fun day out with the family, Aspro Ocio is also committed to guest safety and the conservation of the environment.

Our Medical Services Partnership

Medcare offer a range of services, including patient safety and quality medical care. We are pleased to partner with Aspro Ocio to provide a selection of services for their guests for the 2024 season. In addition to water safety services, our health and wellness team will be on hand to ensure Aspro Ocio’s guest enjoy a fun and healthy experience.

Water Safety

Embracing the responsibility to safeguard the well-being of every park visitor, we have since been on our toes, ready to respond at a moment’s notice. Our challenge is not small; ensuring a safe stay for thousands of visitors daily requires vigilance, expertise, and a deep commitment to health and joy.

Protected by a dedicated team of approximately 25 lifeguards who remain vigilant until the last guest leaves, our assurance of safety is unwavering. These heroes ensure that every splash and slide is as safe as it is thrilling.

Health and wellness services

Our health and wellness team will also be on hand at each Aspro Ocio park to help guests have a healthy trip. We will provide general consultations regarding mild symptoms, and our nutrition and sports medicine teams will be available to help ensure that guests have the energy and health to tackle extended waterpark days.

Our Track Record:

Proudly, our tenure has been marked by an exceptional safety record. While the occasional scrape is inevitable in any adventure, serious accidents have been notably absent under our watch. This achievement underscores the parks’ commitment to fun without compromise, ensuring that every visitor’s adventure is safe and memorable.

Looking Ahead:

Our agreement with Aspro Ocio is not just for the present but extends into the future, promising many more years of health, safety, and fun. This long-term partnership reflects our shared dedication to providing a secure environment where laughter and joy are paramount.


Medcare is proud to be working with Aspro ocio as the medical partner to help ensure the health and safety of their guests this summer. With three sites across Mallorca, our dedicated medical teams will ensure that all guests have the best possible experience. We look forward to welcoming Aspro Ocio guests to a fun and safe summer experience in 2024.

As a medical care in Mallorca, our role transcends treating ailments; it’s about creating a safe space for families and thrill-seekers alike to enjoy without worry. Our collaboration with Mallorca’s premier water parks is a testament to our commitment to health and safety, ensuring that every visit is as secure as it is fun.

Rest assured, when you visit these aquatic wonders, you’re in the hands of experts dedicated to your well-being. Here’s to many more years of safe, exhilarating adventures in Mallorca’s water parks!

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